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Current Trading Strategies

Trades The SPDR® S&P 500® ETF Trust, which seeks to replicate to the price and yield performance of the S&P 500® Index.
Trades the 11 Select Sector SPDR Trust ETFs, which divide the S&P 500® into index funds traded on NYSE Arca.
Trades the top 505 common large cap stocks in the S&P 500®, which cover roughly 80 percent of America’s equity market capitalization.
Trades 10 foreign currency markets comprised of Invesco CurrencyShares® Trust ETFs bought and sold on the NYSE Arca.
Trades 14 top commodities using Barclay’s iPath® Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) plus Blackrock’s iShares® Gold and Silver Trust ETFs.
Trades 42 international markets using Blackrock iShares® Trust ETFs, which seek to replicate investment results of global equity indices.

Clients Love Us

  • “Figuring out which stocks to trade can be really overwhelming. Market Quants takes away all the emotions and guesswork involved. The daily trading alerts give me a pointer on which stocks to trade when, long or short, and that gives me all the confidence I need to pull the trigger every single time.“

    Jason • Novice Day Trader
  • “I’ve been position trading all my family’s accounts for years. The biggest gap I had was knowing when to get in and out of a stock. I realized the market was too unpredictable to go it alone. I use your Positions membership to set up and manage all our trades, which frees me up to focus on my busy life.”

    David • Individual Investor
  • “When I sold my business, everyone wanted to manage my money. I asked about hedge funds, but they were either too expensive, or too hard to get in on. MarketQuants Masters service lets me run my own personal hedge fund, and I feel more in control of growing and protecting my money.”

    Stephanie • Solo Entrepreneur